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PRIMAX is your best microfinace software you can rely on for your microfinance operations

Microfinance Bank

With an exceptional flexible modules built into the application, we have diligently weaved a complete solution for your microfinance bank. PRIMAX is your best Microfinance Bank Software

Cooperative Society

Managing cooperative society across different branches can never be much better than PRIMAX solution which remain the best Cooperative Society Software

Non-Interest Microfinance

With the global emergence and acceptability of Non-Interest Financial institutions, a reliable and purpose built non-interest software remains one other the challenges. PRIMAX fits the Non-Interest Financial SOftware.

Thrift and Credit Society

Do you manage a membership based credit society for limited or large number of people and you will love to automate your operations, PRIMAX is your best society to adapt.

Esusu Institutions

PRIMAX is built to meetup with the demand of local esusu fund managers. If your institution provides service

A Smart and Robust Solution for all Microfinance Institutions

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PRIMAX is an enterprise application developed for Cooperative Society to manage their operations. It is robust application developed with an eye on quality production. It is built with robust modules offering variety of options in customization. Modules and features include but not limited to Loan Management, Deposit and Withdrawal, Membership Management, Report Auto-Generation, User Management, Transaction Notifications

PRIMAX: Your Best Microfinance Software. Why Not Give it a try

PRIMAX is more than a Software

It's an Enterprise Application

PRIMAX is an enterprise application that is developed to handle everything Multipurpose Cooperative Society, Credit Thrift and Cooperative Society, Microfinance Institutions etc .
PRIMAX is a set of tools that came to blend all financial inclusion needs of Microfinance Institutions in to one which can suit Microfinance Banks, Cooperative Society, Investment Club, Esusu Collectors, Loan Management Institutions etc
PRIMAX is a cloud based application that is accessible from anywhere at an time. You can access it via your PC browser or via your mobile phone. Highly User friendly.
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Three layered Security where employed to secure the sensitivity of this platform. With continuos platform scanning, daily backup and encryption implementation, you can be guaranteed that your data are tightly secure.